The Table meets at the Lancaster Christian School, 651, Lampeter Road, Lancaster. Join us Saturdays at 7 PM for a compelling message, upbeat music, and great discussion. The Table is an alternative church with the warmth and feel of a coffee house.

What we are talking about at THE TABLE:

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Offline: Social Media Lessons for Real World Relationships

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. There are so many ways to connect with other people in our digital world.  It can be easy to be critical of these services and even blame them for different problems in our world today. Yet, there may be some important and helpful lessons that we can learn from social media..  Whether we are establishing a personal profile, setting permissions, or learning the etiquette of posting, tagging, and sharing, certain principles of healthy relationships can help to guide us in both our online and offline relationships.

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