The Table meets at the Lancaster Christian School, 651, Lampeter Road, Lancaster. Join us Saturdays at 7 PM for a compelling message, upbeat music, and great discussion. The Table is an alternative church with the warmth and feel of a coffee house.

Note:  Starting on January 4, The Table will be meeting on Sunday’s at 5:00 PM!

What we are talking about at THE TABLE:



Christmas is often known as the “Season of Joy.”  However, not everyone experiences this time of year that way.  Life sends us all sorts of challenges, many of which seem to only make life less joyful.  As we look back at the very first Christmas it is easy to see all the blessings that came from what were probably some very challenging times.  But for the people in the story at that time, many of the blessings were disguised.  Join us this Christmas as we re-learn some of the hidden lessons of the season.

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